A Relaxing Excursion in Gatamaiyu

After doing the extremely challenging William Hill hike in April and being away from the trails for some weeks, I was eager to return. Most hikers agree that hiking is addictive- once you get used to it, there’s no turning back. It’s hard to resist the call of the trails. That’s how I found myself in Githunguri for hike 11 of the year.

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My Blog Turns 7!

Hey peeps, it’s wild thinking about the fact that I’ve been writing on here for 7 years. What a ride it has been. What a ride. Let’s take a trip back in time, shall we?

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An Easter on the Trails

One reason why I love forest hikes is because they are a neat way of escaping the heat. I get to be outdoors adventuring minus being roasted by the sun. And so after the Kereita forest trek, I couldn’t pass up the chance to spend Easter weekend in the forest.

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Conquering William Hill

If you’ve been following my adventures for a while, you might have noticed that I’m a big fan of forest hikes. This time though, I decided to try something different. It would be a challenge on several levels: we were leaving early morning, the destination being the hot and dry Maau Mahiu landscape, and this would be my longest hike so far (28Km). It was both daunting and exciting.

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Excursion through Kereita Forest

I’ve often talked about how the outdoors helps me stay sane, and this hike was no different. The previous night I received a “We’re taking you off the team” email from a job I enjoyed and was doing well at—according to me. And just like that, I found myself out of work! No warning, nothing. Looking at that email, it didn’t seem real. The news strengthened my resolve to go on the next day’s hike despite the departure being early in the a.m.

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She Wild, Ndakaini Edition

Every hike presents challenges. And with each challenge you’re faced with a moment of decision about whether to face it or back away. On this day, things were no different. The nduthi guy who usually takes me to the stage when I’m attending early morning hikes seemed to be overwhelmed by sleep. As the minutes wore on, I briefly considered giving up the hike. Would I make it?

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Na-chu Average Hike

First of all, did you get the pun in the title? Read it again. 😏😏

Just like last year, January was devoid of hikes for me as I had to put my finances in order. But after seven weeks of hunkering down I needed a break from the city, and the monotony of almost all days being the same. And so I signed up for Throw to Grow with Let’s Drift- a hike that’s different from the usual.

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Drifting Through Kianugu

Happy new year, peeps. I hope 2022 is taking you well so far. 2021 was quite the ride- I still can’t believe how fast it ended. I also can’t believe I did 19 hikes. You can catch a summary of those adventures in the previous post. Today though, I’m talking about my last hike of the year.

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2021, The Year of the Drift.

First things first, happy birthday to me! 💃🏾😎 Another trip around the sun, and all that. It’s unbelievable that the year is almost over. Wasn’t January 1st just the other day? Sometimes it felt like life was moving too fast. You blink and two weeks have passed. Adulting + being in a paronamic is not a joke. One of the things that helped me stay sane is Drifting- hence the title of this post. Dive in and see what that’s been like…

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Drifting Through Bathi

After being active on hikes in July and early August, I found myself taking a break. Partially due to financial constraints, and partially because I needed something different, I guess. But I was still outside with Let’s Drift. After the Githobokoni hike, I attended Art Therapy in Ngong Hills, the Unplug and YogArt (Yoga + Art) experiences at Oloolua Forest, and City Art Tour in the CBD. And that’s how two months passed before my next hike.

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