Out of Town Shoot and Chill

If you read my previous post, you know I’m not a fan of cold weather. It makes me unable to function properly until it gets warmer. Sometimes I think I may be cold-blooded… Despite that, I was out on another Tembea Kenya adventure on 23rd May- at a location even colder than the weekend before.

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Out Here, in the Wild: Gatamaiyu Edition

Hey peeps. New month, new post. Continuing with my hiking adventures with Let’s Drift. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts this year, you know I keep talking about this awesome community. It got me outside confronting the weather I dislike (cold) so that says a lot about the group. We began May on a high note with an adventure in Gatamaiyu.

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Drifting Through Kariminu

If there’s one thing I don’t enjoy, is being caught up in the rain. Especially when the downpour threatens to go on for hours. That’s why I was skeptical whether I’d do any hikes during our rainy season here in Kenya. I thought I’d just stay home until it passed, then resume when things got warmer. But as I mentioned in my previous post, once you start Drifting, you never go back.

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Drifting Through Githiga

2021 for me has been the Year of the Drift. From February I’ve been outdoors hiking regularly- two to three times a month. Not because I have lots of money ( I wish), but adulting has not been kind to me on the mental health side. Add isolation to the mix and you have the perfect storm. And since there’s no pause button for those who struggle with overthinking, hikes have been THE way to maintain my sanity.

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Drifting Through Cianda

After an intense hot January- March hot season, the rains took over from April. And I wondered if I’d make it for hikes in such weather. But the thirst for Drifting is real…once you start, it’s hard to stop. That’s what saw me go onto the trails on the chilly morning of April 5th with my current fave hiking community: Let’s Drift.

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Drifting Through Thiririka

After hiking 3 weekends in a row in February, I took a break to recover. But the addictive nature of Drifts drew me back to the trails 2 weeks later. From the dusty plains and caves in Nachu, it was time to explore the forest in Thiririka, Gatundu.

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Spending My Birthday in the Land of Giants

Before you start wishing me a happy birthday, it already passed. Way back in December. Apart from issues with Lightroom (I can’t edit photos), there were intense family problems at the time that made it seem weird to celebrate my birthday. Writing the post would mean being reminded of that and it was all so overwhelming…I’m just getting to it now, months later. Despite the challenges, I had an amazing two days at a place I’d been wanting to visit for long.

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Drifting Through Nachu

Although I hike often, it’s not as frequent as other people. There’s someone I met last year who had done 14 hikes in that year alone! I usually don’t exceed twice a month because I need time to recover physically and mentally. February 2021, however, was a different story. I challenged myself and did 3 weekends in a row- Kefri, Tigoni, and Nachu, all with Let’s Drift.

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Trekking Through Tigoni

Sunday, 21st Feb, 2020. I wake up early in the AM, way before I intended to and sleep evades me completely. So much for trying to have enough rest before a hike. Still, I remained in bed until the alarm rang and then began preparing to leave for Tigoni.

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Drifting Through Nderi

I didn’t go for any hikes in January because apart from financial pressures, the sun was too much. I’d be indoors and sweating seriously. But after a month of being mostly indoors, it was time for a much-needed break. So I joined fellow hikers in my current fave hiking group- Let’s Drift- for a day out in the forest.

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