Excursion to Ondiri

I value my sleep. And if you’re anything like me, you do too. Don’t get me wrong-I’m not lazy. I respect bed time and any interruption to this might earn you a bad slot in my book. Sleep is very important for well-being. Continue reading “Excursion to Ondiri”

A Slice of the Cape

When a good opportunity presents itself, grab it. You don’t know if you’ll have another if you let it go. That’s one of the maxims that I’ve embraced growing older (you know you’re getting old when you use words like maxim), hahaa! Anyway, when my mum offered Continue reading “A Slice of the Cape”

My Journey Into Photography

A sneak peek of how I got into photography and what drives me.

On Saturday 28th May this year, I graduated from photography school. Yeah, that’s right (insert celebratory fist pump)! The day didn’t begin all bright and cheery though. The air at home approached Alaskan temperatures at some point as the weather conspired against us. Continue reading “My Journey Into Photography”