Incredible Hair Update + Amazing Nomination!

Hey guys! Today we take a breather from the usual travel and nature posts for some really good news! For those who follow me on Instagram, you know I am a natural hair enthusiast. I’ve been walking down this road for 2 years 7 months now and what an experience it’s been! If interested in knowing more about my hair journey, please read on.

Twistout updo on 4c hair.
That feeling…when your hair is popping.

So I was looking at my 2015 pics a few weeks ago and to say I was shocked would be an understatement. I literally exclaimed “Whaaaat!” comparing the state of my hair back then and now. For real. Just take a look at the photos below. When I began this journey I’d read of naturals saying they thought their hair wasn’t growing until they looked at old photos. I found it hard to believe because the difference was obvious from comparison pics. And these guys had really long, healthy hair!

Hair growth comparison photo- 4c hair.
TRANSFORMATION! That 2015 hair though!

Little did I know I would have the same experience some years later. My length retention efforts have paid off and my hair is remarkably thicker. If you’d like a peek into my hair care practices, check out this detailed post that I did last year here. –> It’s My Birthday! Celebrating Life and Natural Hair In short though my staples are moisturizing, sealing, protective styling (twists), minimal manipulation, good diet and consistency. You have to be consistent to learn what works for you and to see results. And prayer! Yes I pray for my hair and God has been so faithful.

Hair growth comparison photo- 4c hair.
This far, the Lord.

But the biggest secret to hair growth is PATIENCE! As with most things in nature, progress takes time. This journey can also be challenging especially at the beginning, and more so if you got tightly coiled type 4 hair like me. It’s considered the toughest yet ironically very prone to breakage so you have to be really gentle while handling it. Not to mention my sensitive scalp which doesn’t even like when I use bobby pins…sigh! One way to stay motivated is to remember why you started and focus on the health of your strands. Keep being good to your hair and it will thank you.

Growth progress on natural hair.
Black hair grows!

I haven’t yet told you why I returned natural have I? My bad. Before joining high school I put relaxer because that school didn’t allow for cornrows, braids, or any plaited style basically. So it was either shaving off or relaxer, because my hair would shrink soon after a blowdry anyway. With time my hair became dry, brittle and short from breakage so I cut it off in my second year. I let it grow out for 2 years then I went back to plaiting/ braiding like I did in my childhood. To catch the rest of the story, peep this earlier post here –> It’s My Birthday! Celebrating Life and Natural Hair 🙂

Hair growth comparison photo- 4c hair.
Beginner’s struggles in 2015! Gasp!

Learning to love my hair in its natural state is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. Understanding its texture, the products it likes, how it reacts to the environment, learning how to deal with tangles and crazy shrinkage and of course seeing it grow out so much has been so enlightening. It’s like re-learning myself. And not just about hair, but also personality, identity, appreciating myself as an African lady…the story is the same with most if not all naturalistas.

Poofy twistout due to humidity.
Isn’t it cool how our hair poofs when the air is humid?

I’m still a long way off from my ultimate hair goals though. Still struggling with some things like thinned out areas from years of serial plaiting (sigh) but I’m not giving up. So to receive a nomination for the 2017 Afrikinky Awards for the Most Influential Kenyan Blogger category came as a complete surprise. Just check out the other amazing ladies on that list. They’ve been on this road longer than I, they have tonnes of followers, their hair is always popping on Instagram and am I even influential really?  Not compared to these beauties.

Afrikinky 2017 Natural Hair Bloggers nominees.
Can’t believe I’m on this list! (mitch_4c) And yes I was scrolling thru Insta at 1am.

This nomination is the last thing I would have expected this year. That notwithstanding, I would not mind winning! 🙂 Please spare a few moments of your time to vote for me by clicking this link: Your support means a lot to me. Truly. Thanks for the love and kind comments on Insta. Ain’t God good? I’m so excited for this nomination.

Twistout on 4c hair.
That texture…

I hope to keep sharing my progress with you guys and hopefully inspire someone to love their natural. Particularly 4c girls…we still catch a lot of flak for our ‘unruly’ hair. I was at a natural hair event recently and a product vendor commented to a lady with type 2 curls that “you have nice hair” but said nothing to yours truly, who was rocking a bomb defined twistout! Maybe she didn’t mean any harm but still…I see a lot of hate towards 4c with people insisting we should comb/ lay our edges or do certain styles to have ‘neater’ hair. Stay strong queens and don’t let anyone dull your shine! All hair types are good.

4 c hair in a twistout.
4c hair is dope y’all.

Thanks guys for reading and please don’t forget to vote for me! God bless and continue loving your natural. 🙂

Hair growth comparison photo- 4c hair.
Incredible progress.

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