I’ve Been Featured!

Today’s post is on all things natural hair. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a naturalista who’s been on this journey for a little under 3 and a half years. When I made the decision at the time I was more concerned about the health of my hair than anything else. But God is still in the business of surprising His children…I recently got featured on the Nywele Natural blog!

Twistout updo on 4c hair.
That feeling…when your hair is popping.

It’s run by two ladies, Makena and Sylvia to celebrate natural hair affairs in Kenya. A few weeks ago they began the 100 Days of Kenyan Naturalistas campaign. It’s aimed at appreciating ladies in the natural hair space who aren’t as well known as the OGs in this industry. Silvia reached out to me and asked if I was okay being featured. I was excited and at a loss for words- but I said yes. 🙂

Hair growth comparison.
I can’t believe my hair used to look like THAT in 2015.

It’s been amazing following the campaign and learning about fellow Kenyan naturalistas. People are doing dope stuff out here! I’ve always felt lonely in this natural hair vibe because no one around me is doing the same. Not even in my family. So to see the community growing is a beautiful thing.

Twistout on 4c hair.
That texture…

By God’s grace I’m launching a natural hair class next month, to help ladies who want to begin a natural hair journey. I told you God is full of surprises. I never imagined doing this at all. Yet here we are. 🙂

Program Details
My upcoming natural hair class. 🙂

Enough with the stories- to read the post where I’ve been featured, follow this link here–>(https://www.nywelenatural.com/blog/100-days-of-kenyan-naturalistas-week-3) After you’ve enjoyed it, share with a Kenyan lady naturalista as we continue celebrating the growing natural hair industry in Kenya.


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