My Blog Turns 3!

Yep, I’ve been writing and sharing stories on here for 3 years now. 3 years of travel which began with my visit to South Africa then morphed into exploring my own country. During this time I have paid for countable trips- a good number of my travels have been free. Don’t ask me how. God is awesome. πŸ™‚

Author at Nairobi War Cemetery.
My previous trip was to the War Memorial Cemetery– Ngong Rd. (Photo by Nelly)

One of my friends tweeted last week that people don’t take creatives seriously since what they do looks easy. Sure, it looks easy but far from it. For me the hardest part about writing is getting started. That first paragraph can take long to come together. That and finding the will to keep writing. I made a commitment to post at least once a month yet sometimes I wonder why I should continue posting yet few people read my work.

Author at the summit of Ol Doinyo Orok Mountain, Namanga.
Hiking in Namanga, 2017. (Photo by Lina)

Even those who call themselves my friends sometimes don’t read my posts and I just wonder if it’s worth it. Looking at the ‘stats’ page on WordPress shows how many people visit the blog every day. It gets discouraging at times.

Sad male Vervet monkey.

The past 3 years have yielded some of the hardest experiences of my life. I have gone into depression a few times. In those low moments I still had to write for this blog and At first, birding and travel for me were purely about having fun but I realized they are key to maintaining positive mental health. So I can say travel has kept me sane.

Hikers in Eburu Forest, Kenya.
I particularly love forest walks because of the serene environment.

There are times the only thing I can look forward to are the weekly bird walks, so yeah. By the way, May is Mental Health Awareness month. Reach out to that friend who seems to have it all together, you never know what they could be struggling with silently.

Mental Health Awareness poster.
Photo from

Apart from the above, I experience other struggles that creatives go through: being your own toughest critic, self-doubt, comparison with others in the same field, the never-ending quest for perfection in our work, wondering where our work fits in the grand scheme of things, being incredibly talented but my finances don’t match that despite putting in the work…

African Spoonbill feeding.
Synchronised feeding: African Spoonbills in Lake Elementaita.

So the work we do as creatives isn’t as easy at it looks. If you have friends who are creatives, hug them, share/ buy their work or send some words of affirmation their way. It could make a world of a difference.

Sunrise in Samburu.
Sunrise along Ewaso Nyiro, 2016.

All that being said, travel is one thing I could do for the rest of my life even if it doesn’t bring in the money I expect. It keeps my mind at peace. For those who read my work, thank you. It’s been an amazing 3 years, here’s to more travels!

Author at Kinangop highlands.
Hiking in Kinangop highlands last year. (Photo by Mjose)

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