How YOU Can Take Part in Environmental Conservation

Most times when people talk about conservation, they consider it an abstract concept. They also view it as a responsibility of environmental activists and groups only. By sharing my conservation story, I hope to convince you otherwise.

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An Incredible Owl Rescue

Barn Owl header photo by: Jean van der Meulen on Pexels.

In my previous post, I mentioned that nature is doing  so well without us- reduced pollution and interference with nature due to isolation/ lockdowns. However, last month I was involved in rescuing an animal that needed human intervention for it to recover. Read on to find out more.

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2020 Waterfowl Census at Crater Lake, Naivasha

It’s day who-knows-what of self isolation since Kenya announced its first case of COVID-19 and I really miss being outdoors. The fact that no one knows how long this will last is what’s taking its toll more than anything. That and being holed up in the house with family all day, every day. Introverts will tell you they need breathing space from others every so often. On this last day of April, I’m thinking about the shortest bird census I’ve done so far.

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Hiking Through Hell’s Gate

Do you have a travel bucket list? I don’t, as much as I love to travel. Well, my list looks like this: everywhere I haven’t been yet, except cold places. I really don’t like cold. Anyway, I would especially like to cover this country before going to others. There’s so much to see here, and I don’t want to be that person who’s gone all over the world but not to the next county. One of the places I hoped to visit this year is Hell’s Gate National Park, and I made it.

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Out Here, in The Wild (Magadi Edition)

Magadi is one of my favourite places to visit in this country. It fascinates me because of  how wild it is. Looking at the harsh environment, you wonder how people and animals survive here- and yet somehow, they do. That’s why I always go to Magadi during Waterfowl census, and skip other locations if I don’t feel like going. The 2019 February census was an interesting experience.

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2020 Nakuru Waterfowl Census (Wild Chase Edition)

January almost ended without a post! I’ve challenged myself to do at least one post every month, and for the past almost 4 years, I’ve managed. The year started well and then things started going  sideways. The waterfowl census was postponed by 2 weeks, then I missed one of the trips due to organizational challenges, work was crazy and I was drowning in responsibilities…By the time last weekend was rolling around I was in dire need of a mental break.

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It’s My Birthday! + Highlights 2019

Yep! I’m turning a year older today. 2019 has been quite the interesting year but not as tough as 2018 (I think). Here are some of my experiences from the last year of the decade.

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Some Cool Nature Facts You Might Not Know (or maybe not)

For the past 2 months I have been trying to go on a short trip with my family to no avail. It’s been a mix of the weather not cooperating (continuous rain) and people being busy. I also haven’t gone birding in a month due to a project I’m working on for my business, launching tomorrow. In the absence of trips, I’ll let you in on what I’ve observed on previous travels.

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The Role of Citizen Science in Environmental Conservation

For a long time, environmental conservation has been viewed as the work of activists, professionals and institutions in the conservation field only. The rest of us just observe from the outside. However, in recent years there’s been a shift towards citizen science. It’s catching on slowly but with impressive results.

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Confronting Lk. Ol Bolosat

I first went to Lk. Ol Bolosat last year during the July waterfowl census. I was excited since it was a new destination and I was eager to see just how cold it would get. Little did I know that an accident would unfold, in terms of me drowning and almost being swept away by the water. I decided to go back last month to make peace with the lake, so to speak.

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