Friends in My Yard (Part 2)

A continuation of the series covering my favourite subject: birds. If you missed Part 1, find it here. As promised, here is Part 2! And I won’t give you too many stories. Dig right in… Continue reading “Friends in My Yard (Part 2)”


Friends in my Yard (Part 1)

Home sweet home isn’t just an expression for me. It’s reality. I happen to live in a very serene area. The air is fresh, surroundings devoid of noise and we wake up to the sound of birds every day. Actually, we hear birds all day long. How cool is that! Read on to get a sneak peek of the beautiful place I live, Continue reading “Friends in my Yard (Part 1)”

Going wild in the City

I love celebrations. So when a suggestion was put forward for a day out to celebrate our friend Mwarv’s winning a photography award, I was all in. It’s been a while since I attended a photographers’ hangout. Quite a while. They’re usually enjoyable: being with friends, eating and of course shooting. And shooting means learning something new in the process. Continue reading “Going wild in the City”